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  • Pederzini, Gerardo Abreu (Academicus International Scientific Journal, 2019-07-06)
    Religion is a powerful phenomenon arising in and from society. Various efforts have been done to understand religion as a natural phenomenon, which could be framed in the language of science. In this paper, I forward a sui ...
  • Tokrri, Renata (Academicus International Scientific Journal, 2015-01)
    The discourse on tolerance began over two centuries ago and yet is still unfinished. Was Voltaire in 1763 with his “Treatise on Tolerance”, condemned religious intolerance persuaded by religious fanaticism of the judgment ...
  • Vázquez García-Peñuela, José María (Academicus International Scientific Journal, 2020-07-06)
    Modernity in the West had, among other things, the effect of encouraging people to distance themselves, especially from the more cultivated classes, from ecclesiastical structures, at first, and then from the Christian ...
  • Akshija, Ilir (Academicus International Scientific Journal, 2020-07-06)
    The sensitive topic of religion in the Albanian 2011 census and the coming one is the focus of this study. The country majority is composed of ethnic Albanians, sharing the same nationality; blood, language, culture, ...
  • Popovska, Biljana; Ristoska, Zhanet; Payet, Pablo (Academicus International Scientific Journal, 2017-07-03)
    Today, western liberal democratic societies are secular, or in other words, religion is set apart from the state. However, the beginning of the 21st century has seen a re-politicizing of the religion. This paper argues ...

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