An Architectonic Recovery Plan over the North-East Historical Sector of Tirana, Albania

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dc.description.abstract The first signs of historical settlements in Tirana date back to the year 1614. These settlements and their road system belong to the Ottoman city structure. Nowadays this historic north east area of Tirana consists of a conglomeration of buildings that date back to different historical periods. A good part of these dwellings are informal ones, which damage the morphology of the area. In this paper is considering a genuine historical basis to create an intervention model in this specific area of Tirana. The total surface of the area which is rigorously analyzed is 2.08 ha. Regulatory plans that will be considered for this analysis are: the regulatory plan of 1917, 1921, 1937, 1953, 1980, up to today (the existing situation of the city of Tirana). The whole area will be analyzed including the typical road system; the typical structure of the dwellings, and the typical morphology of the area. All dwellings will be filed, according to historical dating situation and the existing situation. Current local general (PPV) plan provides a radical intervention in this area which seriously damages historical heritage of the city of Tirana. This article aims and focuses to a territorial development model recovering it and not damaging it, (in contradiction with current regulatory plan). The new model will be clearly detailed (up to level plans). The city of Tirana needs historical heritage and historical identity. How can one damage such treasure which the time took care so much to create and preserve? Such allusions are to be spoken out loudly! en_US
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dc.subject historical preservation, recovery plan, urban tissue, urban morphology, dwellings typology en_US
dc.title An Architectonic Recovery Plan over the North-East Historical Sector of Tirana, Albania en_US
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