Organized Crime and Legislation against crime

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dc.description.abstract “Today, organized crime is affecting every segment of our society. It is a disease which infects everything that comes into contact with it. It is an insult added to every law-abiding citizen. It is high time our governments made a note and, moreover, took immediate action. Perhaps tomorrow will be late.” Organized crime is a form of criminality manifestation, perhaps its most specific type. It is a phenomenon that causes horror as much as wonder about the way it works and, at the same time, a sort of lure for its mystery and the particular way of comprehension. For years and years it has inspired volumes of writing, plenty of which have become best-sellers, or have produced blockbusters, arousing amazing mass interest. That is because criminal organizations and their activity have been to society both a tangible everyday reality and a remote thing, beyond comprehension. Many authors have researched into organized crime and criminal organizations, pointing out their characteristics and specifics. They attribute such features to it as a perpetual connection of many people engaged in criminal activity, an organizational hierarchy with a great power of the leaders, the domination of rule and order, discipline and responsibility among the members, imposed solidarity, maintaining the secrecy of activity and of the organization, and the international character of their activity. Unfortunately, there are a large number of worldwide notorious criminal organizations. Over time, they have been discovered and studied by various criminologists, who have managed to provide sufficient information on the specific features of each of them, the activities on which they focus and the territories in which they operate. But what means should we use in order to face organized crime today? It is necessary that differentiated strategies be studied according to the type of the mafia organization against which a concrete operation is to be launched. The strategy should also be coordinated not only in national level but also internationally, because the international character of organized crime is already an established fact. en_US
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dc.title Organized Crime and Legislation against crime en_US
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