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  • Pederzini, Gerardo Abreu (Academicus International Scientific Journal, 2019-07-06)
    Religion is a powerful phenomenon arising in and from society. Various efforts have been done to understand religion as a natural phenomenon, which could be framed in the language of science. In this paper, I forward a sui ...
  • Marsonet, Michele (Academicus International Scientific Journal, 2018-07-02)
    The aim of this paper is to provide some sketchy remarks on the post-empiricist phenomenon in philosophy of science, taking into account the themes of the relationships between language on the one side and reality on the ...
  • Marsonet, Michele (Academicus International Scientific Journal, 2019-07-06)
    In his works the American philosopher Willard van Quine constantly rejects the analytic/synthetic distinction claiming that it is not justified. This happens because, in his opinion, human statements about the external ...
  • Marsonet, Michele (Academicus International Scientific Journal, 2020-01-03)
    What kind of realism - if any - are we allowed to endorse? It is often stated that, in order to provide realism with a solid foundation, we need having recourse to a reality that is totally independent of thought (and let ...
  • Marsonet, Michele (Academicus International Scientific Journal, 2016-07-04)
    It has often been claimed in contemporary philosophy that the scientific world-view will necessarily replace the view of the world provided by common sense. It may be argued, however, that common sense holds a sort of ...

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