Energy, transport network and financial issues: PR perspectives for economic development in time of Euro-Med area change

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dc.description.abstract In the last year the Mediterranean region has seen a long series of major events taking place in many of its countries, enabling us to consider this area as the leading actor in the global scenario, directly and indirectly influencing and influenced by, policies and decision making strategies of governments, industrial sectors and social entities. Observing from outside of the frame it seems to look at a chain reaction, an explosion of many specific mines which, one next to the other, have been triggered for apparently different reasons but, at the same time, incredibly and profoundly linked to one another. In fact, one of the key aspects in this scenario and common to all its people, was and still is the strong desire to reach a fearer way of living in order to have the same opportunities of growth and development as the rest of the world, where the right of each person is safeguarded to live in a free and democratic life. We are witnessing a unique process of change that probably was expected to happen and that many of us knew would occur. Not with the intention of desiring conflicts and social - political tensions, but hoping in the structural reaction of people to a wearying and critical social and economical context. The present situation, still going under constant change, is therefore not yet stable in many ways, but it certainly triggers profound thinking and the need of awareness building on what is taking place, on its points of strength and weakness as well as the opportunities to grab within this complex and delicate process of change. In this new and dynamic scenario, I find important to underline and understand how “relations , relations building and strategies” influence and are used in managing institutional relations, negotiations, decision making revisions. All inevitably connected to obtain a better socio- economic equilibrium in the area, involving both private and public sectors and common fields of interest. As a consequence, public relations’ profession should analyze a possible new approach in the Med area regarding its specific applications and methodical adaptation. en_US
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dc.publisher Academicus International Scientific Journal en_US
dc.title Energy, transport network and financial issues: PR perspectives for economic development in time of Euro-Med area change en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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