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Special Issue (2014)


Science and Challenge have always been a kind of duality wave - particle. This becomes more highlighted when the mission of science itself faces a strong dilemma: does science precede development and forecast events or it simply helps those who have the need to accommodate themselves inside specific situations or conditions by ignoring any kind of transcendence?

In our world, which discreetly can be described as the “today’s world”, since the momentum becomes an attribute or definer and seems to proceed any kind of previous forecast or scenario created by science or research, the publication of Ferrarotti “Essays on Culture, Politics and Power” comes as a request. This book is not simply a narrative of the development of the scientific definition of the individual and society, their mutual influence in the creation of the society as the stage of all social interactions, but it is a statement on how science, if properly understood, maintains its explanatory and predictor powers by intersecting naturally the lived experience and the theoretical enunciation..

Culture, power and politics are here introduced as interconnected and dynamic components of a social whole. They mutually affect the nature and performance of each other, and this game of the creation of society and of the individual comes through a set of ontological and epistemological arguments with the duality between sociology and philosophy and how culture itself creates counter-culture and how this becomes visible as a struggle of who will exert power. The author provokes but at the same time gives convincing arguments of who and what is an intellectual by a historical excursus about intellectualism and society.

Ferarrotti continues to develop his lines of thinking when he deals with rationalization as a distinctive mark of the modern world. The risk of total bureaucratization is a real one. The case of Italy as a country caught between tradition and modernity is a convincing illustration of the difficulties that are bound to meet all the countries daring enough to decide to modernize their traditional structure.

Prof.Dr. Arta Musaraj
Editor in Chief
Academicus - International Scientific Journal

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