Some consideration about the gender violence in two States of Eastern and Western Europe

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dc.identifier.issn 2079-3715
dc.description.abstract The purpose of the essay is to overcome interpretative dualism between Italian people and Serbian people about gender violence against women. In a comparative approach it will find elements of continuity between the decline of male domination in Italy and the decline of patriarchal power in Serbia as a result of a variety of historical and social causes that, inside the paper, are explained. The emancipation of women finds a block in the violence suffered by partners in some familiar contexts. While globalization and unemployment seem to deprive men of the marks of traditional power, but “men in decline” have an post-patriarchal “identity revanche” in assuming the dominant role of perpetrators in private life. Gender violence ‒ is pessimistic conclusion of Ignazia Bartholini ‒ has an instrumental function within the relational dynamics otherwise destined to run out; has a substantive valence and specific characteristics of type cultural, ethnic, sexual able to give meaning to reality of men otherwise dispossessed of their identity. en_US
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dc.publisher Academicus International Scientific Journal en_US
dc.subject gender violence en_US
dc.subject post-patriarchalization en_US
dc.subject tradition en_US
dc.subject identity en_US
dc.subject Global Age en_US
dc.subject negative hero en_US
dc.title Some consideration about the gender violence in two States of Eastern and Western Europe en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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