Structural modeling: choices, uncertainties and… decisions

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dc.description.abstract During the process of structural designing for a building to be developed, as well as during the check-up of the structural integrity for an existing building or for a building that has undergone different interventions, assumes first of all, an accurate and precise structural model for the building design, through an accurate study. This accurate study, prior to the design process, should take place and a multitude of different factors and criterions need to be taken into consideration, starting from the materials that will be used, their way of production, typology, shape, dimensions, and installation. The study can than move to an accurate analysis of how the structural elements will be linked together, where the structure will be laid, how long will the building be used for. The study can end with the consideration and analysis of the maintenance and possible future alterations and/or interventions during all the life of the building. en_US
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dc.subject Structure en_US
dc.subject system en_US
dc.subject design en_US
dc.subject calculation en_US
dc.subject construction en_US
dc.subject modeling en_US
dc.title Structural modeling: choices, uncertainties and… decisions en_US
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