Global security challenges and their impact on the Security Strategy of Kosova

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dc.description.abstract Security is a fundamental prerequisite for the existence and development of humans and their society. Its scientific research and understanding is focused both on the State as a single entity, and on the international politics, as a System of States. At the current level of social development, security policy is implemented through various security systems, which analyze the possibilities and degrees of organization to perform security function in contemporary society. It is part of the Comprehensive State Policy as a whole, and implemented through a host of National Security Goals. This means that, in order to formulate and develop a security concept, any state, must take under consideration both internal and external factors, both traditional and non-traditional factors. Contemporary concept of the security policy is seen as a combination of objectives, interests, and actions in economy on one hand, and of the Strategy of the Armed Forces, on the other hand, including international cooperation and coordination. Kosova has fallen behind in this field, because it still misses some documents of crucial importance, i.e. “Comprehensive Security Strategy”, a Comprehensive document defining the National Critical Infrastructure. These two documents are supposed to define the basic national interests of Kosova, as crucial elements of the National Being, and define institutions and actions for their preservation and development. To make the situation even more difficult, Kosova is still missing a clear definition of its security environment, whereas the entire security policy is based on the capability of KFOR, EULEX and other international presence, to provide their support. The presence of parallel structures, and even criminal groups, sponsored, or instigated, by the official Government of Serbia, have a serious impact on the situation. Those structures and groups are a constant challenge against legal institutions of Kosova, in their efforts to execute the sovereignty throughout its territory. en_US
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dc.title Global security challenges and their impact on the Security Strategy of Kosova en_US
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