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  • Marsonet, Michele (Academicus International Scientific Journal, 2019-07-06)
    In his works the American philosopher Willard van Quine constantly rejects the analytic/synthetic distinction claiming that it is not justified. This happens because, in his opinion, human statements about the external ...
  • Ferrarotti, Franco (Academicus - In the name of Science, 2019-07-06)
    The main contention of this essay is that sciences can be seen as belonging to two broad categories: a) demonstrative; b) interpretative. Demonstrative, or «tough», sciences are «natural» sciences; interpretative sciences ...
  • Bayón Pérez, Jessica; Arenas Falótico, Andrés Jerónimo (Academicus International Scientific Journal, 2019-07-06)
    The constant technological changes and its impact in the labor force are causing a domino effect that can change corporate culture, laws and workers in upcoming years. The importance of Artificial Intelligence for companies ...
  • Chriss, James J. (Academicus International Scientific Journal, 2019-07-06)
    As a result of many years of reading about and teaching Max Weber’s famous Protestant Ethic thesis, I have developed an approach to covering this material in both my undergraduate and graduate theory courses which has been ...

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