EU's role on the Western Balkan Democratization

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Show simple item record Cuneyt Yenigun; Istanbul Kultur University, Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences, Department of International Relations 2013-05-24 03:29:49 2013-06-18T12:13:33Z 2015-11-23T16:07:41Z 2013-06-18T12:13:33Z 2015-11-23T16:07:41Z 2013-06-18
dc.description.abstract This article overviews democratization process of the Western Balkancountries by the assistance of the EU. Democratization firstly should be developed in the region by the domestic willingness and later by the external assistance. The EU's vision toward the future of the Western Balkans isaccepting the region's countries to the EU, after completing their democratizations by using Stabilization and Association Agreements as acarrot. This external assistance has developed South East European countriesdemocracies like Bulgaria, and it is still working in the region like Macedonia. Democratic developments are very beneficial for the region and also for the EU on her target of encompassing the continent.
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dc.publisher International Conference on Balkan Studies
dc.source International Conference on Balkan Studies; International Conference on Balkan Studies
dc.subject Minority Rights, Balkan Democratization, Europeanization, Ohrid Framework Agreement
dc.title EU's role on the Western Balkan Democratization
dc.type Peer-reviewed Paper

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