John Dewey: A Look at His Contributions to Curriculum

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dc.identifier.issn 2079-3715
dc.description.abstract This article provides a thorough analysis of John Dewey and his theory experimentalism. John Dewey was a leader in education and philosophy of his time. Still today his ideologies have a place in educational curriculums across the globe. John Dewey believed that students learn from human experiences. Furthermore, Dewey believed that student experiences shape the future decisions that a learner engages in. Although Dewey’s work faced scrutiny, Dewey’s thoughts are still relevant in education reform today. This article resurfaces the need for whole child research considerations and inclusive learner experiences like Dewey’s work many years ago when making educational decision and building curriculum that meet the needs of individuals to promote a positive global change. en_US
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dc.publisher Academicus International Scientific Journal en_US
dc.subject experimentalism en_US
dc.subject curriculum en_US
dc.subject John Dewey en_US
dc.subject educational reform en_US
dc.subject global impact en_US
dc.title John Dewey: A Look at His Contributions to Curriculum en_US
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