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dc.description.abstract The Albania, by it's geographical position,favorable climatic conditions and by the undiscovered natural beauty and rich historical back ground has a significant potential for tourism. The development of tourismin Albania was commenced in 1929, andstarted by the "Royal Motor Tourist Clup". The basic purpose of this organization was the "Visits for Business Purposes". Most of the participants were comingfrom the neighboring countries.However,due to the management of the Albania's communist government that had dominated the country for many years and the closure of the country's had affected adversely on the visitings to the country.However,since the early 1990's and due to changing management and the administration's approach to the outer World had began to open the country to the outside. Thus, each passing year,the interest on the Albania's tourism destinations continued to grow. Today, the tourism activities in the Albania is steadily developing and gaining varieties.The Albania hasa totallength of420km ofcoastlines, as on the Adriaticin the west and on the Ionian Seaat the southwest and to be lived long and hot summer seasons and with the depending on the existence of rich geographical sources, the tourism activities in the country is becoming a major phenomenon.Especially in the densely populatedand economically developed parts of the country, such as the Adriatic coasts area little more developed then the others, in terms of the tourism.The cities in various sizes, such as Durres, Vlora and Saranda are the major touristic destinations considering by the bays, caves,towns and the villages in the Albania.However,the level of the expected developments of the tourism activities has not reached yet, to the wished stages in this country.
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dc.publisher International Balkan Annual Conference
dc.source International Balkan Annual Conference; Second International Balkan Annual Conference
dc.subject The Tourism Potential,GeographicalSources,Destinations and the Touristic Activities.
dc.type Peer-reviewed Paper

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