Use of Non-commercial Software in Mathematics

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Show simple item record Jelena Gavrilovic; Department of Informatics and Computing, Singidunum University Ana Savic; 2Science Ivana Kovacevic; 1University 2013-06-17 09:39:40 2013-07-15T11:51:59Z 2015-11-23T16:00:42Z 2013-07-15T11:51:59Z 2015-11-23T16:00:42Z 2013-07-15
dc.description.abstract This work describes the use of non-commercial software in terms of innovation oftraditional educational process in mathematics in higher education in Serbia whichis largely based on the concepts in the last century, with a very low teachingadjustment which follows individual characteristics and abilities of students, sotoday it gives very limited results in efficiency and in study duration. The ideabehind the non-commercial software is to simplify the understanding of basic termsand concepts for students, which are studied in subjects related to mathematics, andalso to reduce the cost of higher education institutions. High price of commercialsoftware can often make them inaccessible to many of our institutions andindividuals. Non-commercial educational mathematical software are designed forinnovative, interactive and dynamic teaching in various areas of mathematics that isthe basis for development of logical thinking necessary for further education. Theiruse would have a significant role in distance education that involves the physicaldistance between teachers and students as well as benefits for students using it in theprocess of visual mastering of mathematical material. This work suggests a simpleand free model in mathematics that includes information technology. Such modelcan be a good recommendation for mathematics in universities and other highereducation institutions that have a similar curriculum in mathematical subjects. Inthis work the emphasis is on GeoGebra Octave and Maxim non-commercialprograms which in mathematical sense join geometry, algebra and analysis. There isalso an explanation how to use this software in mathematics. The work is writtenwith the purpose of popularizing free software GeoGebra, Octave and Maxima, andall with the idea of improving the quality of mathematics in the higher educationinstitutions.
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dc.publisher International Symposium on Computing in Informatics and Mathematics
dc.source International Symposium on Computing in Informatics and Mathematics; 1st International Symposium on Computing in Informatics and Mathematics
dc.title Use of Non-commercial Software in Mathematics
dc.type Peer-reviewed Paper

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