Social and Psychological Trauma of Human Trafficking: Albanian Women Case

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dc.description.abstract Human trafficking is a phenomenon with a long history during the centuries. In Albania country, human trafficking has been existed from a long time, even in communist period. The post communist period has been ranked as the top period for the human trafficking and human slavery. As the result of the phenomena of the collapse of communism after 1990, in Albanian society happened so many changes like in the filed of government and political system, opening of boundary toward all countries of the world or free movement toward all countries, liberalization of economy, social and cultural changes etc. Most of the researches evaluated this period of time as the transition period in political, social, economical and cultural. So this situation created a good field for developing of human trafficking within Albania. Although the human trafficking phenomenon has been explored in the post communist society, in the transition period till nowadays have been growing and extended more. The non well functioning of government and low security made possible mafia to be stronger on the human trafficking too. So, Albania has been a bridge country for human trafficking form East countries toward Greece, Italy, European Countries and other countries of the world. Women and children were and are still primary victims of sex slavery and are including in vary sexual activities like prostitutions, stripping, sex tourism, pornography etc. In this paper we are going to explain human trafficking as a type of modern slavery that is formed as the sex trafficking. In this case we are going to discus about psychological trauma that sex trafficking has effect to Albanian women. Are these victims still able to continue their own life? Do they fill their selves ignored from the society where they are living on? What are their psychological traumas caused in their character and does this trauma affect their life? Also we are going to discuss for social trauma that are caused in Albanian society during the human trafficking have happen in the post communist period till today. What are pathologies and anomies that human trafficking (in this case sex trafficking) bring to the Albanian society and to the different social actors. en_US
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dc.publisher Epoka University Center for European Studies en_US
dc.subject Human Trafficking en_US
dc.subject Albania en_US
dc.subject Psycho traumas of victims en_US
dc.subject Social pathologies en_US
dc.title Social and Psychological Trauma of Human Trafficking: Albanian Women Case en_US
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