Composition and Design Elements and Principles of the Organisms with a Central Plan in Iran

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dc.description.abstract The theoretical problem to which this paper aims to answer is the one that gives continuity to the contemporary design for the traditional central spaces, within the area of Persian influence. Through the analysis of the updates of this cultural area, this writing aims to provide a theoretical support to the understanding of those traditional rules underlying the design of some representative historical architectures. Through a selective process of samples of buildings with a strong architectural and historical definition, and extrapolating some of the rules that can be a support for an improvement in the field of the architectural design within all the area with Mediterranean influences (that is historically marked by a plastic vocation), this paper aims to support and upgrade as possible the contemporary design, through the study of the vast and still unknown architectural heritage. It is intended to work by tracing the logical process which involved the design and composition of the buildings with a central plan. Thus, the reading is carried out with the approach of the architect–designer, following the idea that a building is not just distribution, form or structure but a whole, in which such single aspects must work together to give quality and definition to the building itself. In fact to date, even if the need for central spaces has generated some interesting changes, essential to adapt these forms to different needs of time and function , the precepts that regulate the composition changes for these spaces is still not investigated as a whole: forms, paths and stylistic rules are often extrapolated and discussed as self-standing issues, as not involved to the same extent within the creation of the building. en_US
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dc.subject Persian architecture, organisms with central plan, composition, design en_US
dc.title Composition and Design Elements and Principles of the Organisms with a Central Plan in Iran en_US
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