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dc.description.abstract In the Balkans, geography has often been smaller than political aspirations and was not unusual that the name of a Balkan country have been greater than its territory. Since the dream of every state in the Balkans was seen invasion of the City of Arts (profitable territory at the expense of another country). Europeanization of the Balkans will initially be noted that externally as urban architecture and fashion is where many cities will not differ from others in Europe , and the population would benefit all the other qualities that had brought prosperity of Western Europe . Being familiar with the risks but also the problems of the region in general, particularly those of Albanian airspace and the relevance of the concept of " Gate -tie " under the framework of developments in the Balkans and beyond. Balkans , " bridge " or " crossroads " between Europe and Asia , " salad peoples " or " Meling pot " peoples , " powder keg " or " sparring area " of Europe ? All these epithets are true or were in a certain era, but they did not destroy the diversity of people and areas of the Peninsula which itself carries the antiquity of the Pelasgians , the Helena and Macedonians. Geographical location and properties of large groundwater and surface Balkan countries have favored as gateways connecting and communicating artery with other European countries. Major axes of movement Balkans have not changed for thousands of years: corridor (Morave - Maric), who went from Byzantium and the Danube in the Aegean, “Via Egnatia which connected the west to the east of Durres with further Thessaloniki to Constantinople. The set of geo-strategic standpoint, at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe, the Balkan Peninsula has resulted simultaneously be tempting object for scholastic career occupation or other countries regions. After the collapse of communist regimes national- professional structure was shaken. Reforms undertaken during the process of economic restructuring, privatization, restructuring the logic of production and services also brought a reconfiguration of relations between nations. To describe this trend we observe that the conflict between economic and political power takes the form of a crisis between civil society and state and an economic aspect imbalances between administrative and bureaucratic aspects of society. Changes in sales revenue, exports, employment, investment in fixed assets, and profit margins serve as measures of business performance SEE8 surveyed during 1995-1998 and 1998-2001. In recent years, there has been considerable uniformity in less cross-country in all firms -level performance, except profit margins dimensions. A proactive policy is needed including economic, institutional and structural, reforms and competition policy reforms, construction of free market institutions in Eastern European countries and integrating international and inter-regional trade. Horizontal expansion and increased international exposure SEE8 extent to which businesses have expanded or are exposed to competition from rivals in international markets is a critical issue in evaluating the competitiveness of domestic firms and eight countries and regional competitiveness general Balkan countries are in the process of overcoming serious obstacles in infrastructure. However , the development of predictable and transparent framework of regulations which will provide users access to competitive prices , high quality and service that will bring investment in utility sectors ( in general , infrastructure ), capacity building for joint investments, to provide clean energy alternative. en_US
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dc.relation.ispartofseries ISBN: 978-9928-135-09-4;
dc.subject Strategic Region, Building Institutions, Imbalance, Horizontal Expansion, Infrastructure Improvements, Capacity Building. en_US
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