Hospitality Industry and Performance. Case of Durrës Coastline.

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dc.description.abstract The real importance of each section that brings up great economic profits is very important to be known and valued in each country. The Hospitality Industry nowadays is considered as one of the most fascinating industries in the incomes term. The main setting that narrows straight to success is knowing every path it leads to. There are some factors that affect directly in the enhancement of the performance of the hospitality industry. Some of those factors are manageable from the managers in the company, whereas some other factors are not dependable from the management. According to this fact there is a subdivision of the factors which are the external ones from the effect but not from the management and the internal factors called so because they are managed from the internal company management itself. Aiming to be successful in the market and to stay over other competitors the owners and the managers of the hotels mainly focus on creating, identifying, or developing competitive advantages. The study done on this thesis aims to identify the importance of internal factors that affect in the enhancement of the performance in the hotelier business. The study is done in the coastline of Durres, in the most important enterprises of the area. Some of the key internal factors that are considered with direct impact on the performance were analyzed principally: exceptional services , technological innovations related to the guest interaction process and on the utilizing of new technology systems in hospitality enterprises, the capability of the manager for managing and leading , the strategic alliances and the cooperation done among hospitality company with other companies in help of the customers , niche marketing and advertising, pricing tactics done on its variations on different time sets that provide the maximizing incomes, the implied and offered environmental program for the customers, the organization activities through keeping the guests within the premises , well-trained and highly motivated associates. The findings of this study will be very important and are suggested as best practices for the enhancement and sustainability of the highest performance of the hospitality industry. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.subject Hospitality industry, performance, internal factors, tourism. en_US
dc.title Hospitality Industry and Performance. Case of Durrës Coastline. en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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